Benefits of a Life in Progress

When looking at our lives, it is easy to focus mainly on what we don’t have: relationship status, money in the bank, successful career, model body, peace. It is effortless to see our faults and not our achievements. We minimize where we are: finished school, growing emotionally healthy, drinking more water, being nice to other people. By reducing what has been done, we also reduce our own understanding of what we can do in the future. We also only limit our minds to a fixed target that does not exist.

Last week I chatted on how seeing a life in progress is freeing. Today I want to explain why.

Habits that stick. Since you now understand that you are in it for the long haul, you will start focusing more on habits and less on results. The goal is to have good habits, and not what the habit gives you. You dedicate time to being consistent above getting specific results, because you know that perseverance will get you there. You are still graceful to yourself and allow yourself to fall and stay down only as long as is needed to heal or regain strength.

More focused on what you want. Your goals are more clear because you’ve drilled down to what is essential for you. You want to build a specific life and you prioritize everything that is related to it. You shed the noise that was holding you back and continuously liberate “the angel in the marble” (Michaelangelo). However, be mindful that we are all at different steps of our journeys and we always need to be kind to others who don’t share our point of view.

Specialization. You have more of a routine, so your heart is not moving from A to Z on a frequent basis. You are either on your way to discover what you want, you know what you don’t want, or you know what you love. It might be all at the same time too. Your lane starts taking shape and you keep jogging along it. New things might spike your interest but you have your routine that is your core.

Less stress. More understanding and executing leads to a mindset that enables you to easily make decisions, and less decisions equal less stress. Before some things happen, you have already organized and/or counted your resources and also have practiced having perspective so you know not to sweat the small things.

More contentment. Your life has an order. You know more about yourself and what is important to you. You have gained perspective. What is happening to others is not as powerful as it was before, and what is happening to you and what you are making happen, no longer carries the burden of making you happy. It is a step forward in life, and being able to move along in life is enough to help you see that you are doing it.

Each day that you are trying to stick to being better, is a day where you already are better. By working on that simple thing, you are equipping yourself for new challenges and most importantly, moving forward in life. Every small step is a step closer to who you want to be in life. Just stay on route.

Photo by Mark Olsen on Unsplash

One thought on “Benefits of a Life in Progress

  1. This post helps to empower the mind and so many things I can pick to help better my life. As they say, it’s all about perspective to grow, right…shedding the noise holding you back. It’s important.


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