Pushing Through

The busyness of life has left me feeling like a zombie. By the time I am done with work, there is not much energy to be productive at home. I can easily glue myself to the TV until it is time to do the next thing.

I have been going to bed late, not keeping up with my chores, and not moving along in quick projects because I don’t have the mental energy. Our little one is very active and my main focus is her.

The responsibilities that come with the blessing of being at home have gotten to me. A lot of my life is normal, but for the most part, I remain at home. I think that I am burned out, and I don’t know what to do about it.

Regardless of how I feel, at least the basic stuff needs to get done. I pondered last night on a few things that need my attention. I am proud because something I have wanted to complete, I actually gave time to and even stopped myself when I wanted to dig deeper to avoid exhaustion. I decided to not focus on what I thought of the chore but about the short amount of time it would require of me. I could either have it sitting heavy in my mental to-do list, or I could give it a try for 20 minutes and check it off.

Please note that I don’t believe that a robotic life is a pleasant one. I respect feelings and needs, yet we cannot forget responsibilities. In times when the feet feel heavy and tired, we have to pause and reflect. Dragging on will only make it worse. There are a few questions we can ask:

  • What is making me feel this way?
  • How is it affecting my life?
  • Can I make a change about it?
  • What can I unload to someone or not do at all that is not a need but a preference?
  • What is the bare minimum I can do to keep some semblance of order?

Don’t be depressed by the questions. Be truthful and allow yourself to understand what is going on and what you can do to help yourself unload your burdens.

In my life it has been proven that a little bit of planning can go a long way. When you are feeling heavy, routine and order are welcoming because one way or another, things continue to happen regardless of your emotional state. They are not dependent on your feelings and remain a fact. You unload your heavy list and turn some of it into a reality. The stability and relative lightness represents some control in your life that helps you remain somewhat afloat and gives you less things to worry about. In my case, I can go back to meal planning and investing just a few minutes a day to keep up with the house. I know that I am tired so I won’t push myself to finish one project in a day, but I will challenge myself to do 10 minutes one day and let it be.

The short-time routine also leaves room for resting. The focus is not to have everything in tip-top shape and looking magazine-worthy, but more of not looking like a haunted house. Do enough to keep you living decently and take the rest of the time to recharge. Pinterest lives have no room here. Only small spurts of work to give you some peace of mind in a period of struggle.

If you can’t even muster 10 minutes of work today, give yourself some grace and try again tomorrow. Life will be a tough in some areas. Going back or sticking to giving a little consistently will stop things from sinking further down. Just a small effort will go a long way. Acknowledge your needs and responsibilities, and make time to breathe. Sometimes it is all we need.

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