Take a Pause and Breathe

As life gets more complicated, I continue to wonder how I can pump the brakes in an out-of-control car. Doesn’t it seem to you that as you accomplish what you dreamed and desired, more seems to fall on your plate ? For some reason we think that happiness is free, and forget that it comes with maintenance fees. Let’s reassess.

I have been feeling a little out of breath and just recently got a pump of faith that helped me wonder if I can have a calmer day if I ask for one. A few things have come up to help me improve the day to day.

When I started working from home, I would wait until the last minute to wake up, roll over and open my laptop to start my tasks. I would then stay in bed and pajamas until after noon. At first I thought that I was just making the best of it, and winning by extending my rest mentality as long as I desired. While working from home does give you a lot of flexibility, I started to understand that I was not using it to my best interest. Even though I fight with my alarm each morning and snooze for too long, I benefit from waking up early enough to have prayer time and get dressed. By doing this I am investing in myself so I can then go invest in my responsibilities. I have something to bring to work and home outside of a groggy employee and tired mom.

I have also seen great results in this first month from following my goal for the year. I have seen more growth from the portion I wasn’t expecting much from: writing something I am thankful for or a message that I believe was for me. Taking a few seconds each day to think of something I had learned or acknowledged, has me on alert for these things and even better, makes me more and more sensitive to those moments where my eyes and ears are opened. I feel more connected to God because I realize just how He is moving in my life.

Something else I started practicing today was a day of rest. Yes, it does have a religious connotation, but it is still so good for you. I am sure you can find studies on how rest replenishes you. We went to church today, spent some time with friends, and relaxed at home in the afternoon. It felt like what Sunday should always be: connecting with God, connecting with others, and connecting with oneself. I had a hectic week, and I can tell you that because of this day I am ready to face another one. There are many things that I still need to do today, but saying no and stopping for myself and my own strengthens me to be better.

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Be bold and take some time to connect with yourself. Understanding what is going on around you and in you will equip you to handle it better. Life won’t stop for you. You need to stop for yourself and give yourself an opportunity to breathe in order to keep walking.

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