Christmas Gift Ideas for When You Have Run Out of Time

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

In the past, I have shared ideas for Christmas gifts. This year, we are cutting it close, so I thought that in that spirit, I would share ideas that can work as last minute gifts. I have actually received, given, or would like to receive these. You can get all of these at a brick and mortar store at typical malls. I hope they can help you.

  • A massage – We just got a coupon for this and are so excited to use it. A personal treatment is an amazing way to pamper someone. It can be a spa pass, a massage, or even a mani-pedi. It encourages a time for relaxing and reflection, which unfortunately we don’t normally take much time out of our days for and should.
  • A personal massager – For instant access, you can always get a personal massager. There are so many types that target different areas. We have one for the neck and one for the feet, and I just got my friend one for the back. It can be used in an office space or in a family living area, for a few minutes, and provide instant relief.
  • A puzzle or a board game – Not everyone is cut for this but if it brings up fun time with family and friends, it can be a good gift. It also works as a house gift for group entertainment or individual relaxation. Table activities can disconnect one and bring one close to those in our company.
  • A candle – Cozy and can change the space from smelling like barbeque chicken to a rose garden. Candles also give an instant touch to a space, elevating it and bringing cohesiveness.
  • A digital picture frame – All those pictures we take but never go back to can actually have a home in a digital frame. Pictures are sent to an email and get shuffled through all day. It is a place where great memories are harbored and can bring a smile to one’s face while walking to the kitchen or passing the bookshelf.
  • A recipe book – The hard thing about cooking is actually knowing what to do. There are many books that show step by step and can actually encourage trying something new. We are all trying to figure out how to make chicken differently.
  • A restaurant gift card – Always a favorite. There have been different times when either we didn’t want to cook or we had spent our budget and a gift card saves the day. I’ve never been unhappy with one, even if it is to a restaurant I don’t love; I can find something to eat there and it is an outing after all.
  • Soap – Basic but can be luxurious. It can also be too personal, but something nourishing and with a good scent can go far to making someone feel good.

If there are any others, please share! I am always looking for ideas.

Have a great shopping trip!

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