The Reason I Celebrate Christmas

This past week, I broke down a couple of times. I felt so overwhelmed with responsibilities, changes, and failures. I also felt tired of trying to keep up, as if what I was doing was not enough. There is always a problem needed to be solved, a meal to be cooked, and someone that needs your help. Tired of swimming I paused and cried to God for help. I didn’t need a pep talk or a talking-down-to; I needed obvious direction for what to do next.

In conversation with my husband, my mom, and a couple of friends, I was able to cry it out and be listened to. I received needed pats on my back, and through the next few days, received the direction I needed.

First, I was encouraged by faith. A friend shared her story on how trusting God’s word helped her have an amazing pregnancy and birth, after a miscarriage. Her experience reminded me of how the verses that in the past have taught me how faithful God is, are still true. I felt encouraged to believe for good things.

Second, I was encouraged by a plan and support. My boss is pursuing other opportunities, and receiving such news was just the cherry on top of my burdened shoulders. However, she stepped in giving me direction and reminded me of the support available. I felt encouraged to face my challenges.

Third, I was encouraged to ponder. In my recent posts, I have shared on how pausing when facing an uncomfortable situation, instead of immediately going to my coping mechanisms, has allowed me to make better decisions. I have shared before how reflecting is a skill that can sow contentment and give us clarity. Unfortunately, It is not a habit I have developed. I want to give myself time to examine my day, but I don’t pause to do it. in conversation with my friend and in a church event, I was told the importance of taking a breather to analyze what has happened and where we are. I felt encouraged to pause and realize how blessed I am.

After feeling like I was always trying to catch up and that I was not enough, I was encouraged to take small steps, and strengthened to do so. God showed up in a gentle manner, to handle my hurting heart. I wasn’t punished or cursed, but encouraged to look up, to where my help comes from, and breathe.

I celebrate Christmas because it represents the hope for a life with God. A life where I am loved, taken care of, and am equipped to love and take care of others. There will still be struggles, but I don’t walk alone. There will still be pain, but I don’t have to endure it alone. I have the certainty that this life is not the end, I am supported throughout it, and have an eternity to look forward to full of love and not pain or struggles.

I wish you a very merry Christmas. I hope that you have a great time with your family and friends, and can be grateful for the hope that we have received in Jesus our savior.

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