Holiday Gift Guide 2021

We are almost closing the books for this year! Thankfully. The closer we are to leaving these hard years behind, the better.

For all of us, including those that do not or won’t shop this year, enjoy the time with your friends and family. At the core of the holidays is spending time together, and some of us celebrate by gifting to others. Enjoy the meals together and any traditions you have established. If you don’t have any, this might be the year to try a new one.

For those who are shopping, I wanted to attempt to help you. My suggestions will be from personal experience, based on either gifts I have received or I am about to give. I hope that they can serve of inspiration during this season.

  • Vornado fan – A friend recommended this earlier this year and for some reason I listened. I picked it up and it has replaced our tower fan. The fan circulates the air in the room and makes it feel lighter. It is so powerful and I have to say, I love how compact it is too.
  • Heater blanket – Well when it isn’t burning hot, it is so nice to cuddle under blankets. For those who are always cold, a heated blanket provides an instant cocoon of personal warmth. I picked one up from Bed Bath and Beyond this year.
  • Candles – I am not one to light too many candles, but I still enjoy the smell they dissipate, specially after cooking a spicy meal. My favorite one is Sweater Weather by Bath and Body Works. I can still find many amazing ones at Ross and TJ Maxx. I don’t recommend the Target brand because I couldn’t get much of a scent even after burning for a while.
  • Smart plugs and bulbs – This might be old news for some, but it is still worth bringing up. I started playing with smart devices last December, and love how I can make my house work without getting up from the couch. I just got a new plug to use for our Christmas tree, and even scheduled it to turn on and off each day. A few of these plus some bulbs can enhance someone’s kit or open up a new path to manual switchers.
  • Coffee table book – Some people have it all, but no one knows it all. There are so many books with beautiful pictures that can serve as conversation starters or expose the reader to a new culture or world. I bought this one for family, and National Geographic has many more interesting ones. This one is on my list.
  • Packing cubes – I love these! They were a gift to my husband a few years ago and they have completely changed how we pack and travel. In case you don’t know what these are, they are zippered bags where you can organize your items while travelling. They keep your luggage looking good and ready to go at all times. It makes it easy to find what you need and keeps your items separated by whatever categories you prefer (event, type, destination, you name it!). These are the ones on my own Christmas list!
  • Gift cards – Never think that you are lazy or thoughtless for giving these. They are the gift that keep on giving. Maybe your friend doesn’t need anything right now, but isn’t it great to have the money when you find something you love down the road? Amazon and Target are in my top three, together with the Home Goods family. Restaurant cards are always great because they can either turn into a date night or provide a meal when cooking doesn’t sound appealing.
  • Farmers market goods – We were at a market yesterday and I was amazed by all the handmade goods available. You could find soaps, dog treats, carvings, aprons, and of course delicacies like honey and sauces. We have been encouraged to shop local to avoid being a victim of the supply chain disaster. Take an opportunity to bless your neighbors and stroll down the market with fresh eyes.

If you have any ideas for shopping, let me know! I am always in need of interesting gifts. Have a happy holiday and a Merry Christmas!

⭐️ Merry Christmas from YouVersion. - YouVersion

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