When in Doubt, Write it Out

In the last few weeks I have been hearing a lot about the benefits of writing. I myself have been able to reap some of those fruits. This blog is evidence of it. Around the same time I began the blog, I had started writing down things that I needed to do, even if they were simple, and was able to pump my productivity. I also write down special things that happen so I can go back and remember them. A few years ago, I started keeping a grocery list, and even though we didn’t save much money, there is an imaginary exorbitant amount that I know I did not spend and a lot of food that did not get wasted.

Here are some ways that writing can help all of us:

  • Increased Productivity. Like I mentioned above, write a to-do list. You will stay focused enough to keep in mind the things that need to get done during the day. The accomplishment of one thing automatically encourages you to go to the next. Write down even the smallest things, like taking out the trash. You will soon realize how much you get done but don’t attribute to yourself.
  • Remembering. I don’t keep a daily journal, but I am slowly getting comfortable with the thought that I should share with my future self how my days go. There are small details that are so important in the moment, and time will slowly waltz them away from our minds. My years amount to more than work and family accomplishments, and the only way to remember is by keeping a record.
  • Perspective. Jotting down our thoughts has the power to open our eyes. Materializing and facing what is in our hearts can clear the skies. The world around us can play tricks on us and lead us to believe that we aren’t enough or don’t have enough or haven’t done enough. Seeing our thoughts in front of us can help us determine where we are and the pattern we expect to live our lives by. Once we know, we can make an informed decision.

The result of putting our life and thoughts in words is that we start peeking into the truth with the case we present to ourselves. The case might be exploring our feelings over a decision or an incident, a summary of an event, or something as simple as a grocery list. Seeing all of our facts and opinions in one place shows us the true picture that our mind and/or heart might have issues distinguishing in the mumbo jumbo of life. It allows a moment to pause and breathe, letting go and at the same time taking in the day. We are transported outside of us to our own world, for a more complete picture of us.

Words can hurt as much as a blade. Words also have the power to free us. What would you do if your words showed you that the situation wasn’t as bad as you thought? How would you react if you finally understood how valuable you are, and all that you have been bringing to the table already? How would you feel when you realize that your day has room for you to add what you truly want to do? This is a beautiful reality that we should not be afraid to step into. Pick up your pen!

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