We All Need an Accountant: a Different Type

Any time I would hear the world accountability, I would think of something related to a restriction: a diet, a bad habit that needs to end, or an attempt at being disciplined for one’s own good. I didn’t think that it was unnecessary or unproductive, but it certainly did not make me excited to participate.

I have learned that change in life does not require major efforts, but consistency. I too have longed for the shade of a six-pack after a workout, or to feel completely rested after one good-night’s sleep. Change does not come with immediate results, but we can immediately start it by giving it a few minutes, even only ten (see how your life can change in ten minutes). I have also understood that there is so much power in a community and when we leverage it, we can become almost impenetrable and invincible.

As years have gone by, my perspective on accountability has slightly changed, mostly due to an understanding of the definition. When you contact someone to help you stay on track, you are stating multiple thoughts. First, you need or want to change something. Second, you need help from others. Third, you are not a complete entity. The latter is the idea that has helped me comprehend that we all need accountability.

No man is an island, and even when we want to think that we have pulled ourselves up from our own britches, we are stating that we believe that we are in control of all elements. Control is the fleeting idea that we can get things to be the way we want them to. The punch line is that it does not really exist. Realizing for ourselves that we are not the sole holder of wisdom and best interest in our lives is key to being a mature person. We expect children to listen to their authority because they are still young and learning. We, as adults, have not stopped learning either. We should then continue to consult those that have proven themselves as wise.

Photo by Giulia May on Unsplash

Are you facing a tough situation and don’t know what to do? Are you in conflict with someone and believe that you have been wronged? Reach out to someone you trust that will give you an unbiased perspective. Their point of view will help you uncover expectations you or the other party hadn’t vocalized. They can help you see the fears that exist behind hurting words, and strengthen you to be kind and/or apologize.

Having people on your side who will root for you and encourage you to continue growing is at your best interest. Realizing that others want that too can free you to extend your network of wisdom and freely tap into it. I don’t believe that we are called to figure things out on our own. We weren’t meant to live on our own, so why face life on our own? Be free to ask others to continue helping you be better. You have a lot to gain.

2 thoughts on “We All Need an Accountant: a Different Type

  1. This sounds like a mentor-mentee relationship. I personally struggle with taking anyone’s advice because of trust issues, but having someone to consult would be nice!


    1. Perspective from wise people can be extremely enriching. I totally understand that trusting isn’t easy and at the same time, we can’t have real relationships without it.


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