Power: What You Really Want

I don’t know when my eyes were opened, but it is one of the things that have changed my life. One day, I noticed that the surface didn’t hold the truth. Just a bit deeper was the information that I really needed, and what would set me free from me. I would finally understand what I truly wanted, and contrary to my thoughts, see how attainable it was.

More is what I thought I wanted. I wondered how I could come up with an idea that would surprise everyone. I thought how I could get smarter and be the shining star of the group. I tried to find that unturned rock that held a treasure that would make me the talk of the town. I wanted to be better so I could make and have more money.

But what is more? I would get from A to B, and dream of C. I would get to C and see it as average and yearn for the time D would come. Nothing was satisfying me and nothing would, for greed was driving me. I thought that more would make me happy, when it obviously was just making me hungry. It was a sugar rush that would leave me continuously craving.

I don’t want to be greedy. It doesn’t look good on anyone. You keep putting yourself down and idolizing the success of others. You are so unhappy with yourself that you can’t be thankful or happy for others. Today and now is not enough. Tomorrow is what you are after, and tomorrow is always around the corner but not with you.

More money is not what I truly wanted. I discovered that what I really desired was the power to make decisions. People who have cash on hand can make their own decisions. Their power hasn’t been taken away by a bank’s notice, or an eviction, or a layoff. They can choose what to do next. They can think through a situation and look for the best fit for them. They can decide how their future is going to be.

Realizing that more money won’t satisfy me, but that the ability to do what I want will put me at ease, I now don’t aim to grow for material reasons. I don’t go out and spend what we have earned so I can feel power or richness. I save and put away dollar by dollar, so that when needed or even wanted, I can shop around for the best item for my family, or if something were to happen, we can have time to think calmly of what our next step will be.

Think about it. In times like these, it can be hard to even make some money. It’s not that you want the rent to magically appear; you want the ability to make rent money, and then make it. You might not get extra income to put away, but look closely. Even if you are going for the dollar menu, skip the fries and put that dollar away. If you can afford to go out, don’t have dessert and put that away. For most people, there are always way to save. The purpose is not to hoard or sit on a pile of money and put all your faith on that. Money can’t buy peace, but it can give you time to take a breather and a higher possibility of taking a good next step.

If you can decide on tomorrow, you are empowered. If you have the option to buy that thing, you are empowered. If you have the option to splurge, you are empowered. More income is not what will free us from greed. Saving dollar by dollar for options will.

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