10 Things No Longer on my Shopping List

My friend and I were talking about a video that popped on my queue, and started listing the items that we no longer purchase. The cause of our decisions involve our growing knowledge on personal health, the damage to the environment, and ways to save. Some of these can come as a result of time or as a need to spend less. Either way, these are items that we are happily no longer sharing our lives with.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
  1. Paper towels. I don’t like waste. Growing up we always kept a rag in the kitchen and I would aim to always use that before reaching for the paper towel roll. Rags can get pretty nasty, so I wash mine frequently and boil them as well to kill any bacteria. For anything that falls on the floor, I use old towels or t-shirts designated for such things.
  2. Laundry softener or dryer sheets. These just always seemed like cute extras to me. Your clothes do smell nice, but they also carry additives that you simply don’t need for cleaning purposes.
  3. Plastic containers (rare). I have been using glass containers for our food from our the beginning of our marriage. They last longer, they don’t get stained or nasty, and they are safer for reheating. I only use plastic for anything that might be travelling between my house and my mom’s, and I have enough to not have to buy any anytime soon. Using more glass has also decreased our usage of sandwich-type bags.
  4. Feminine monthly hygiene items. A while ago I transitioned to using a menstrual cup for my own comfort. It is not only less expensive in the long run and better for the environment, but makes the visit less disruptive.
  5. Makeup remover wipes. I wear light makeup regularly and decide to wash off most of it with soap. Anything that is left over I remove with a cloth and liquid makeup remover.
  6. Loofahs. These are grounds for bacteria growth, so I just transitioned to more natural soaps that don’t need anything to bubble up.
  7. Antiperspirant deodorant. I would struggle to remove the leftover deodorant every time I showered. I moved to a natural deodorant and don’t have any residue or smell issues.
  8. Decor trinkets. I just don’t like to have things in my house that only look pretty and don’t have any purpose other than dust collectors. I do have things on shelves and tables, yet most of them are pictures, books or gifted items.
  9. Expensive hair and skin products. I don’t doubt that there are many out there that are good, but I also know that there are tons of inexpensive items that work very well for me because I own a few. My skin and hair have changed for the better with off-the-counter items, after many attempts with expensive products.
  10. New books. I enjoy reading and also don’t want to keep a large collection of books. A way to purchase more books and purge more easily is by getting them at a price lower than the sticker value. I usually check out the used section on Amazon and have gone click crazy a few times. No regrets.

Care to share something that you have replaced or simply gone away with? I’d love to continue adding items to my list.

One thought on “10 Things No Longer on my Shopping List

  1. WOW i love this talks about so many life lessons to every humans, we’d like to buy things just to take space in the house, or because it looks good but really we don’t need it. We really need to appreciate limit our own belongings and keep ones that we know that hod significant meaning to our lives or adding value to it, if it doesn’t than we need to get rid of them or de-clutter, it helps us to breathe and have space to think in such a free environment.

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