Freeing Up Your Day For the Things You Want

Earlier this year I had stated that my goal was to read more. I am happy to say that I have not missed one day of reading. I am behind on my book count but I am taking all the little victories.

After my work day is over, we get dinner ready, spend some time together and all of us get ready for bed. That gives me a few hours to relax before going to sleep. Lately, those hours feel like so much more than what they are and of course, that makes me extremely joyous. I can’t recall making a concerted effort to use my time in a better manner yet I know that a couple of things have made a huge difference.

First, I decided to read more. It was a priority and after I got ready, I went to my book. My mind was concentrating on interesting material and felt fed. At the same time, the feeling of accomplishing a small goal brought me contentment. Second, and probably the biggest trigger to the change, was the lack of interest in picking up a screen to interact with. One of my most used forms of distraction is my phone. I can be on it looking at Pinterest, researching a product, checking my email, texting, or browsing storefronts. It is a time suck and when I am done, I still feel with want. It is hard to put into words what for, but I have concluded that excessive interaction with a screen leaves me empty-handed. I go back thinking that I will enjoy myself more, just to find out that I was very wrong.

With this new time, I have watched a few movies (I don’t usually) and have gone to bed early. I wake up feeling renewed and not tired. What a great gift! I want to take further steps away from my phone to set myself up for more focus, more creativity, and more exercise. Life happened without personal devices until only a few years ago. I want to explore more of it while obviously enjoying the benefits of communication and valuable information on the palm of my hand. Entertainment and growth I need to continue diversifying by delving into books and connecting with people.

Being at home for a year now, has pushed me to face myself and prioritize what has true meaning to me. There are no more excuses about not having time or energy. There is no way to hide and it feels empowering to face myself than to be miserable about not going with the flow of making the needed changes. In the midst of so much going on I have felt some relief and freedom. I took one step forward and it was as getting on a moving walkway. I haven’t gone very far but I am much further than expected.

Even if you see the step as an insignificant change, it will take you closer to being who you want to be because it will encourage you to make other changes. Slowly but surely you will see more and more of the person you thought it was impossible to meet one day.

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